Mobile Me(dia)

Shawn Van Every
Spring 2007

Syllabus Now Available


Mobile devices (phones) have become devices for both the production and consumption of rich media--augmenting their original purpose as one-to-one communication devices. In this course we will explore the technology that enables the consumption and production of media on these devices with an eye towards how that media can be used in conjunction with the devices' original social and communicative purposes. In short, this course will examine social and participatory aspects of mobile media consumption and generation. Students will create projects that utilize the available technology to explore new forms of social media creation and consumption.

In this course will cover Multimedia Messaging, the mobile web, mobile photography, mobile video, live streaming, geocoding and more. We will utilize both PHP (web side) and Mobile Processing (device side) (possibly Flash Light and/or Android as well) for development. ICM is a prerequisite. Mobile Application Development (experience with Mobile Processing) and/or Dynamic Web Development (experience with PHP) and/or FlashLite although not required, are helpful.

Topics and Tools

  • Mobile Media Creation and Transmission
  • Location Based Media
  • Live Streaming and Encoding for Mobile Devices
  • SMS and MMS Messaging
  • Mobile Processing, Flash Lite, Android
  • Mobile Network Infrastructure