The Chair stacking up game part 1 from qialiu on Vimeo.


Rain is a sexy man from qialiu on Vimeo.



The Chair Stacking Game Video from qialiu on Vimeo.

mobile media midterm


Chorus is a website which ppl can post their voice or any sound by using MMS.
I like play around with music or sound .I am wondering is there any way that i can play around with people’s voice.since i have learn sending messages  from mobile phones that include multimedia content. This can be audio, text, video, images and so on. I came out this idea: people recording their voice in different pitch then fellow the instruction post it on the Chorus website. The track list will be show 1 track on the top. when the track list have 4 tracks (track list maximum is 4 . when a new track comes in , the old one which is on the top will be take off automatically).so When people hit play button . 4 sound track will play at same time. It could be a “happy birthday “song with 4 different pitches or could be different voice mix or different language mix together  .

Question for this project:
1. I guess I should use php and html  build this website. but i ve no idea how to built a track play list. any suggestions or any resource that I can look up?

2. Hers is a question for Shawn. Do you think this idea is possible for me ? Due to my “low level “php skill. :(

wake me upSince the last week Marlon Evans and David Phillips gave us a presentation about radiation of cell phone is harm of people’s health. so i put my phone very far away when I asleep.
but the thing is i relay on cell phone clock wake me up every morning .if I my phone far way from me , it is really hard to wake me up.
base on this situation , I came up an idea about send text msgs to control clock alarm go off/on.also i create a web page which everyone can post their one week wake up time schedule 。anyone can send a text msg help him/her wake up in the morning.
Question  for this project:
1. what kinds of clock is easy to hack for this project?
2. how to make text msg talk to clock?

Redial Midterm Porject

BuildingIn real life everyone, or at least some of us, have eavesdropped in on private conversations.  So along this line of thought I want create this work:  An entire building where any window can be hear what the people inside are saying by using cell phone access. each number on cell phone key board (From 1-0 numbers) repent each windows in the building. when you press a number on cell phone, for example: 9, the number 9 window will light up also can hear whats the conversation in that room at same time.

Mobile me- SMS Testing

Screen shot 2010-02-02 at 9.50.12 PMgetting massage by sending a text massage

send a message to 41411

key word:qianliu

to see what you will get!



SMS Application on ITP Floor

I’ve been thinking about possible ways one could use an SMS application at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Since the first week of this semester start, we have lots of group meeting, because each one has different class schedule . most meeting will be at night which around 7PM-11PM. We have place issue for every time meeting. we’d like to pick a class room rather than stay in lounge or around by elevator area. I am thinking about use SMS to reserved the classroom.or knowing which classroom is available .

yay! 2nd semester ! mobile me 1st week

The project that i found  based on SMS interactions is below

New Fiat 500 launch event – SMS interaction from todo.to.it on Vimeo.

I dont really understand what they are talking about. but from this video , I could see this is a collect data by using SMS.I really like the patterns they made . it meas something link a certain group people together .I also found another SMS- based interactive TV show :Interactive TV entertainment has brought to life a new kind of TV game show host culture in Finland. A qualitative study of SMS-to-TV human-hosted interactive TV games, specifically, TV-mobile games and call quizzes, was conducted by recording sample interactive TV programs and corresponding discussion forums on the Internet and analyzing the content.but unfortunately I couldn’t found any related video.

Pcom final- AirMelody

AirMelody is a special speaker which can visualize the music. In this project, we are trying to bring the visualization out of the screen and display it in the real world. We set up a series of glass tubes on a hand-made speaker, and used brushless fans to blow up the feathers inside the tubes. Through the controlling of Arduino, the speed of the fans could corresponded to the music. Therefore, the feathers will show the rhythm of the music in the air.

Project – AirMelody from Fu on Vimeo.

Comlab-motion graphic

This is what I spent hrs and hrs . enjoy

hide and seek from qialiu on Vimeo.